What Leaders Are Saying

Dr. Aundrea has consistently demonstrated determination, leadership, and integrity.

Through empathy, skillful questioning, and unwavering support, she guides people to the finish line of achieving their goals.

Charlie Barton, PhD, Barton Consulting

Pathway to Growth was a life-changing experience. When you apply the tools presented by Dr. Harris, results will follow. I went into the PTG program thinking I needed growth tools for my health habits, but when it was all said and done, I received tools that changed my entire being. I utilized the tools in my home life, professional life, and academic life! If you are a high-performing leader, this is the perfect training to help you become the best version of Y-O-U.

- Shenica S.Nelson, SOPH Consulting LLC

Your training provided insight into what I needed to establish a strong foundation of trust and purpose within our team.

I have more clearly identified my role within the team and feel better equipped to serve them.

Jamar V. Stanton, ICC Specialist

Dr. Aundrea T. Harris gave me a new language that assisted me in discerning where I am on my energy cycle and how to avoid depleting my energy base. Focusing on energy stewardship instead of time management can be a game-changer for leaders at every level of an organization. Dr. Harris's competency and character make her a valuable asset for leadership coaching and organizational training.

Maurice Arnold, Mo_losophy LLC